Drywall Repair Anchorage

Don�t let a drywall issue become a blemish on inside of your home. I have seen perfectly beautiful indoor areas become an eyesore with nothing more than a hole or two in the drywall. This is because your eyes will naturally gravitate towards imperfections in a room. My team and I will gladly fill in the hole, tightly putty in the new piece, sand it seamlessly and repaint so you never knew it was there. I�m being completely honest here. Fixing your drywall so you can�t tell where the blemish was in your interior is the standard I set for drywall repair. And as I am at every endeavor my company performs you can rest assured that my standards are always met.

Drywall Repair Q and A

Q: The interior of my home has suffered some wear and tear over the years, and the drywall is in bad shape. Should I look into getting it repaired before having it painted? Fixing-

A: Indeed you should. If you don�t then it will show up after the paint has dried. Scratches, dings and especially holes will not be fixed by just covering them with paint. I�ve seen many painting projects done in my time where a person just painted over their drywall problems. This causes an issue with the look of the texture of a wall or ceiling which is very easy for anyone to spot.

As a person that likes things to look their best and as a painter, these details irk me. I like rooms to look as good as they can be; a quality which my clients have always appreciated. And that is what I offer the people that hire me for their projects. Whatever my team and I do, we do all we can to make it look good. I strongly recommend having those drywall issues taken care of before you start to paint. It is a standard procedure for my company to make certain the job is done well and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.